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Here at End the Stigma, we are all about promoting self-care, a balanced lifestyle, and mental health awareness. If you need tips, real-life stories, doubt-clearing information, and even one or two book recommendations, check our content or any of the resources you’ll find here.

Seeking Serotonin

The blog depicts several ways to find joy in life and overcome the hardships of suffering a mental illness. Regardless of the so-called taboo topic, this blog shares helpful, accurate, and enticing information about how to live your life to the fullest.

Ok Now Breathe

Lead by someone that suffers from several illnesses, this blog shares a bubbly and insightful point of view of what living with a mental illness is like. Check the blog to learn more about how to overcome the daily struggles of someone with severe panic attacks, suicidal thoughts, or self-harm and face life with a happy face.

Anxious Lass

This blog shares what the life of someone with chronic illnesses is like, how to cope with social anxiety, and why it’s important to overcome social anxiety to achieve success in life. The blogger running the site also writes eBooks about her experience to help more and more people.

The Inspiration Lady

This blog is for the outcasts out there who feel life is ending due to some panic attacks, as The Inspiration Lady has lots of posts about self-improvement, lifestyle, and even self-care.

Shine Sheets

Focusing on mental health and boosting a healthy lifestyle through self-care, this blog is perfect for anyone looking for content about personal growth and empowerment. Some products to improve productivity, encourage self-care, and things to show yourself some love, is also available on the blog.

Living Simply

This self-care and self-empowering blog is focused on giving readers all the tools they need to work around wellbeing, depression, and anxiety. Read any of the blog posts and learn about how living simply can help you be happier in life.

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