Guests attend an Irish Preview Screening of 'Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1' at Cineworld, Dublin, Ireland - 17.11.11. Pictures: VIPIRELAND.COM *** Local Caption *** Nikki Hayes

Nikki Hayes must feature in my recommended bloggers section. I have been blogging for about a year and I make a point of always keeping up with her through Twitter and website, as she’s a celebrity inspiration to so many, including me. You can strip away the word “celebrity” too and she’s an inspiration as a “suicide survivor”, as someone who spent a period of time in a psychiatric hospital as an in-patient… Perhaps more importantly, she’s a woman, a wife and a mother; “a person” if you will.

You probably know Nikki as a DJ and radio presenter. She is also a public speaker and a mental health activist. She shares the same condition as me which is EUPD – emotionally unstable personality disorder (not as scary as it sounds!).

She’s an epic mental health activist. Most people know of Nikki and talking about her story extends that, but also a very important message -“It’s OK to ask for help” and “There is no stigma on emotionally unstable personality disorder”.

She’s a cool girl.

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