It’s time I added to this area and gave some exposure to “Recommended Blogs”.

Natalie Harris is an incredible lady and one of my favourite people on social media.

Nat is an advanced care paramedic and has over a decade of experience. She is absolutely excellent at her job and with a Bachelor of Health Science in Paramedicine, her career was saving lives and responding to emergencies.

Awards were collected like the outstanding achievement award from Victoria University, where she studied.

I could write an essay about this young lady as she was exposed to a very intense scenario and developed PTSD, but has emerged from PTSD and mental health issues to become a very strong advocate for mental health. She’s award winning, fundraising and the brains behind Wings of Change.

Regularly blogging, she has a site with 190,000 hits.

She’s true evidence of beating mental health conditions, she’s pretty famous in Toronto, loves MMA, has an awesome range of tattoos, is a top mum and has a very cool dog, Walter.

2017 will see Nat go live with the Volunteer Workplace Safety and Insurance Board

From adversity to becoming a mental health pioneer, she’s travelled a journey. I say, follow her next journey, she’s an incredible young lady.

PS – Somewhere she found the time to write a book too. Get it! “Save my Life School”