Autism over-diagnosis ?

Today folks, I look at Autism and I ask my followers a little about Autism over-diagnosis.

I am alarmed by the difference in numbers between Europe and the United States of America. Why are American children being diagnosed at a significantly higher rate than European children? Why is there a greater increased rate per capita than when I was young!

In the last of this series or type of blog, I went to the market size -my 9.5K Twitter followers and received plenty of replies and a randomised 15 are featured below.

All are anonymous and we had varying responses. As my followers are world wide, we have Americans vs Europeans,

My own opinion is that I would run closest to reply 1 of 15 below

As mentioned, this is the last of these (Aidan asks the Social Media Community”) for a little while. Thanks to those who helped me out of late, for example, here with views on Autism overdiagnosis

Here’s what I secured..


“My son has an ADD diagnosis. His mother resisted a quick diagnosis, took him to a number of different specialists and made sure that is what it really is, not some trick to stick a label on him and stick him in some box. She made sure there was an extended period of evaluation of all the symptoms. Then when the diagnosis was confirmed ny a number of specialists, she insisted on the minimum necessary medication because she wasn’t keen on meds for outbreaks child. He’s doing quite OK in school to be fair”


“I remember being diagnosed with ADD. I was given Ritalin and I abused it, I sold it, I used it to stay up and pull “overnighters” with exams and study and I sourced different doctors to get it. Suddenly, it became harder to get and I had to wean off which was horrible. I had friends do similar with Adderal!. I regret what I did, but I was young then”


“I was diagnosed , but I decided to just hide the Concerta pills or throw them away, then lie to my parents There were a couple times my mother cornered me and demanded that I take them in front of her, but other than that, I lived a relatively happy Concerta-free life. I grew up. Turns out, I do not have ADD. Not surprising”


“Mothers that turn their worries into an obsession of constant control over the kid are the absolute worst. They harm the kid more than help them. I grew up with a kid whose mom would get irate every time doctors tried to wean my brother off Ritalin. Now he is a drug addict!!”


“I think for every “overmedicated” child out there, there’s another three who aren’t getting the mental health care that they need, and the attitude that is pushed re over-medication perpetuates stigma.further: ADD, Autism, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia”

“All of these are real medical conditions, and just because in your head you have some reason that there is a stigma for how prevalent each should be doesn’t mean that the world works that way”


“Adderrall is one hell of a drug. Its a party drug. If you mix this with Opioids and/or Alcoho, it is quite a phenomenal rush. I was able to put myself through third level selling this. In the end I got a little frightened of the effects of taking in excess of the volume, I should, so I stopped”


“There is a lot of overlap between different developmental disorders and no two presentations of any psychological disorder are the same. It’s very easy to see how a child could be diagnosed with Autism when they might have ODD or Asperger’s etc”


“When you’re looking at a combination of half a dozen possible symptoms, differences in personalities, biases introduced by expectations of the parent- there’s still a lot we don’t know, and it becomes very complicated”


“If I hear of a child with Autistic based characteristics, I wonder about the parents. Here is the interesting part, a Psych will challenge the parent on their parenting style, is the kid being validated, given the attention they need (two of the biggest reasons a child will act out) and evaluate the child separate from the parents”


“If your kids’ have Autism, your insurance (in the USA) pays for all kinds of treatment. You can use the diagnosis to get special help at school. You can use the diagnosis to get other types of benefits. Thus, if I can use the diagnosis to cover for a poorly behaving kid, then why not? My sister is in this position. Her little boy is very badly behaved, but quite bright.Shes abusing a diagnosis”


“My five year old was diagnosed as autism spectrum last month. I think some tendencies of behavior do fit him. However, how much of it is nurture vs nature? He exhibits obsessive-compulsive tendencies towards grouping items, laying pieces out in a pattern instead of playing with them (like Trump Cards/ organizing the shapes/colors). The therapist considers this proof towards autism spectrum behavior. However, guess what? I have OCD” Dilemma!


“I was diagnosed a few years ago (I am in my late 30s)/Adult ADD, I was seeking treatment for an annoying tic disorder at the time. Based on his evaluation of me and after conferring with my therapist, the neuropsychiatrist determined that I hit all the boxes and put the label on my chart”


“It still just registers a giant question mark with me. I can totally concede that I can check the sufficient number of boxes if I squint hard enough. and I admit that sometimes I feel weird, but I don’t think that label fits me at all. Besides perhaps “eccentric”, I don’t think any label fits me”


“I’ll tell you something interesting -by saying that if you have a twin with autism, your chance of having it is 90%; if you have a non-twin sibling with it, it’s 30%. So having multiple autistic patients from the same family (which I do) is very possible”


“I think Autism is over diagnosed by medics.. I that think it’s a social disorder when it’s actually a neurological disorder, in my opinion”

Food for thought! I’ll be writing on this and a lot more, going forward from April,in a few days!