15!Random people talk anti depressants

Hello, Another blog! Today (well, last week), I asked people for their experiences from Anti-Depressants) Here is what came back, all anonymous naturally. My belief is take medication for your mind like you would take medication for your diabetes.

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Please note where names were included; I left them out, but I left on the piece, the names of meds(where mentioned)

I specifically said this was is in relation to anti-depressants, as opposed to mood stabilizers and anti-psychotics and anti-anxiety agents. An Anti psychotic is mentioned, but my understanding it was used “off label”

“I love Effexor. I am a very different person on these, much better now. My concentration and focus are back to what they were”


“I am currently on anti-depressants. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I drastically improved once I started taking Lexapro and I would agree. I am still a little depressed, just not as often or it’s not as noticeable”


“I was drinking too much and had family issues at the time. Had I been sober, I might not have developed depression!.
I ended up benefiting a lot more from counseling/therapy than the anti-depressants that gave me insomnia and sexual difficulties and a lot of energy. I wish my GP had given a bit more attention, I am sure he would’ve figured this out at an earlier appointment”


“I have a relatively simple case of recurrent depression, which is treated well by an adequate dose of SSRIs. It does take a while to take effect though, and I do know people who do not seem to benefit from antidepressants. It seems like these meds help some of us and do not help others! We do not understand this disease very well at all”


“They made a world of difference for me. It took a little tinkering with the dosage, at first, as they had me taking too much and I was walking around like a zombie! It is really important to talk openly with your doctor about how you are feeling and any side affects you experience. But I went from almost failing college and considering suicide one year to doing very well in college and living a generally happy life a couple of years later. Medication wasn’t the only thing that helped, but I’m not sure I could have turned things around without it”


“I was on Amitriptyline and Seroquel. While they did help and they got me through a time I might not have been able to get through without them, they came at a cost…
I spent most of college on TCA meds. When I came off the meds I noticed that my feelings were becoming much more subtle than they were on the meds. I was not happy on the meds; rather they made me less sensitive to pain and sadness. I was not able to face my feelings for a long time ,the meds kind of postponed the feelings until I was in a place I could deal with them”


“They never worked for me. I take them, and feel the same!!. I suppose if a key factor to your depression is environmental, medication can’t fix anything. I actually tried the whole mind-trick thing and tried acting happy, but in my head, I was still screaming pain. When my environment was slightly improving, I still wanted to die, but I put forward I’m a complicated case”


“I’ve been on and off antidepressants since I was 16. When I found the right meds and dosage, I was a completely different person. I was so much happier and just a better person to be around. Since then I have noticed two things (1)I can tell which meds are going to work and which are not in about a week. I think that might be somewhat unusual but I know that if I am feeling worse after a week I need to stop taking it. Effexor made me feel awful after 3 days for example. I realized that it was definitely not for me. 2) After about a year they do not seem to work as well anymore. This is grim”


“I’ve been on about a dozen, so no, I don’t remember the names.
The first, gave me stomachaches, but they went away.
After that, either they did not work, or I would eventually experience a stage where they simply stopped working! This is when it works initially, but after years of taking these drugs, you burn out on them quickly”


“I tried a few different anti-depressants and they did not work well for me. I saw varying degrees of results, but the best just made me a little less moody. However, that does not mean your experience will be bad. It’s different for everyone”


“An SNRI didn’t help me with anxiety, I felt like I was paranoid and/or would freak out”


“When I started them they made me kind of high for a few weeks. I was always really dizzy and woozy. They take a while to kick in too so you’re always left wondering if its the meds finally or just a coincidence and the worst of your current slump is over anyway. They’re not a magic happy pill but I’m glad I’m on them, if for no other reason than the scary possibilities if I wasn’t”


“I was on Antidepressants for a while after my life went crazy and I didn’t feel like there was anything left. They take some time to take effect and they come on slowly. I slept funny for a couple weeks (weird dreams, wake up early or late, deep sleep) but it was all minor stuff. My sexual desires were reduced and tended to be a little less even after I got use to the Antidepressants. After a while things were pretty normal and after many visits my doctor slowly took me off them”


“They keep me calm from anxiety attacks. They did not help the depression itself, but I do generally feel more calm and emotionally stable when I take them”


“I would not be alive today without antidepressants.

I’ve been on antidepressants for more than 15 years. The first 2-4 meds, I do not remember much. Thereafter, it was a case of “Try another” and it helps but then “not enough” and then “up and down” swings and then success with the right Med finally”

Food for thought. As mentioned my thoughts are in the 2 articles mentioned at the beginning of this blog above!!