Monika is an excellent writer on “Living with Depression”

Monika talks openly about the difficult times she has now overcome. Monika was in an abusive relationship, but had the courage to leave the relationship with a beautiful baby in her arms and had to escape and get shelter. Monika now has work, college studies and is flourishing and has escaped an abusive relationship. Monika is so open about her depression and her mothers schizophrenia.

In her blogs, You’ll get “A day in a life with Depression and “Sleeping with the Enemy” and “Abusers and their insecurities”.

Excellent writing throughout each blog and this lady is a very brave woman.

You are strongly suggested to subscribe / read. Monika has been recently published and is in fact, one to watch. I like to think Monika and I are good friends

Monika is at

Monika has said if she could help 1 person in the 7 Billion in the world, her writing and blog would be worth it.

Monika has easily achieved and met that target.

Highly recommended Blog