Laura Romeo / Mental Health Pharmacist

Laura Romeo is one of favourite people on Social Media. Laura is a pharmacist for over  20 years. Laura is incredibly kind and very selfless. She’s a genuine expert on Mental Health medication. Laura wants to end the stigmas that are still prevalent worldwide Iro Mental Health.’

Education and conversation are her primary focus. Laura will openly tell you she has had to contend with Depression over the years. She’s actively working now on an awful article. It’s a blog against Panorama which showed  links between Sertraline and murder

Laura is up to speed with travel like Lithuania and is a super mum as well one of then coolest people I’ve met of late

i am adding Laura here as she’s a good friend and will be invaluable to the MH commumiy.  

Twitter @PharmacistM

Instsgram -Pharmacist17

Pinterest -The Pharmacist on Mental Health

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Thid lady is in a class of her own