Aidan statement -In Rehab

Aidan statement

Today, Sunday 2 July, I checked into rehab. I have had to make this profoundly difficult decision on my own.

Even those closest to me haven’t know the severity of anxiety, chronic pain and drug addition I’ve been battling for the past number of years. I was diagnosed with Chronic Pain Syndrome some time ago and prescribed benzodiazepines to Tylex (Codeine) to the very strong painkiller Tramadol (Codeine) and, as a result, started on a devastating downward spiral to prescription drug abuse.

Additionally, Workplace (false)allegations led me to the brink and were a point of recent Suicidal Ideation, I kept to myself.

I am described as one of the busiest men in Ireland (sic) I have a management day job (I have allegations against me), Previously I had a particularly huge stressful management job in the city for ten years)

I am studying online for my Masters in Psychology.

I have a big Social Media presence where I like to interact and I care deeply and try to make a small difference. I am also writing a book “The Truth wins which is my tale of overcoming Alcohol in 2010.

Finally I blog regularly on my website- all the while diagnosed with the Chronic Pain Syndrome.

At the same time I am still trying to come to terms with the death of my beautiful Laura.

I blame no one. I turned to drugs in a bid to manage all the balls I was juggling in the air and subsequent (to my sham) to escape reality. I’m an addict.

I feel like I’ve let a lot of people down and for that I am truly sorry..

Going forward I am medically certified from work. My Psych studies, I am deferring, for 12 months. My book, I am putting down right now.

Social Media will be curtailed weekdays, but only curtailed, as I have to keep in contact with people fighting their battles.

As mentioned briefly Saturday. there are a few trolls online currently trying to blacken my name on Twitter and Instagram. Please ignore.

I’m overwhelmed with the kindness to just 1 pinned tweet saying I was in trouble. I hope not to be judged for the opiate addiction. Thank you all, I’ll write back to all..

Finally, I’m a solitary figure, as many know, I did tell my healthy robust parents. They roared at me (work, studies, stigma)

Look at the last word pls , if I somehow make it through detox 42 days, I’ll have have more energy, enthusiasm and compassion on my mission and brand-#EndTheStigma