Aidan pens open letter to Sinead O’Connor



Dear SInead,

I have watched your video a number of times. Mental illness is very real. I know the struggles of every day life are also very real, but I have not walked in your shoes, so I cannot compare our situations. Every day is an on going battle, and we fight a never ending war.

You are brave for sharing your video and reaching out about something that, (absolutely ) has a stigma attached to it, from multiple angles. I spend so much time fighting stigma. People don’t realise how frequently they show stigma. I admire you for being so incredibly raw and real in your video and I respect what you are going through as something truly terrifying.

I don’t want you to give up though. You are a kind smart talented beautiful lady and worthy of making it through this. It’s not the same to have fans, who don’t know you on a personal level say they care, as it is to have friends who are there to hug you in-person and without words. However from far away in Dublin, Ireland, I’d like to say that I do believe in you, I believe you deserve to be loved as you are, mental illness and all. I genuinely believe you can make it through this and come out on the other side. I know your struggle is real. Depression is a monster that eats at you from inside.

Your worth is you, who you represent, all you have achieved, your values. Your worth is not in the people who couldn’t handle facing what you’re fighting, it’s in your strength, which has brought you this far and can bring you further. You may feel like you can’t do this anymore but I know you can. I know you’re a survivor

You are a brave lady. You have touched so many people and the world is here for you, even if it doesn’t feel that way. I only know you through your music and social media, but I’m here for you and you are important. So keep going. You can do this. It seems so hard, even impossible to carry on sometimes, I know this. I know how hard it is Sinead, but keep fighting and you’ll come through this- a stronger kinder happier person.
I believe in you.

I have 10 friends through Social Media I reached out to for comment/kind and true opinions.

These are insightful:

Here we are..

“Prayers, hugs, and positive energy coming your way Sinead. Thank you for using your life story to advocate for the stigma of mental illness to be done with Being abandoned by loved ones due to an illness you have is horrible. Hugs, positive energy, prayers, and love to you”

“What keeps me going is the belief that the love in my heart means something to someone, even if it’s someone I don’t know yet. I don’t have a clue what other people think of me, but I feel the world has become so self absorbed, that anyone needing help is perceived as someone even more self absorbed than themselves, and is shunned. Intentionally or not. Suicide may be called a cowardly way out, but the bravery it takes to get through day after day in pain is huge. I saw your video and wanted nothing more than to hug you. There will be people who laugh and make sport of you, but I feel more sorry for their uncaring black souls than I’d ever feel sorry for myself”


“Such a shame that she is going through this. I myself know what this feels like and it’s not nice. There is barely any support or help out there”

“My heart breaks for anyone suffering from a mental illness. There is nothing more terrifying that fighting with your own mind every minute of everyday”

“Just wanted to say you are so brave and people love and support you. Im sorry you are going through mental illness and I hope you get the support and love from those close to you. Thank you for sharing. You will be helping lots of people come forward. Wishing you calm happy days”

“I sm so sorry you are all alone going through this and that everyone you love has abandoned you over something they don’t understand obviously. I wish you were close to us so I could help you through this dark time. You will overcome this rough patch through your will power and grace. Remember you are not all alone in this world. Angels are watching over you the Lord above has seen to that. You have a reason to be here don’t leave here before your time is up”

“I have just watched your video and my heart breaks for you. You cannot change people, you can only help yourself, think of the positives every day and the facts about you, doesnt matter what anyone else thinks but it matters what you think. Keep your spirit strong and deal in facts not what you imagine. Stay strong beautiful lady keep your spirit strong. I am .sending you love and strength”

“Just watched your video and it’s truly heartbreaking. No one should ever feel alone but I believe your are.. All of your fans far and wide will have watched your video and I believe each and every fan is right there beside you”

“Please don’t leave us! I know you are hurting… I know also what it is to be utterly alone and to feel like no one cares; seems like no one understands the feelings you have but I want to tell you that you are loved ! You are brave! And caused many of us with similar circumstances to be so as well keep fighting we love you”

10(This one really resonates!)
“Stigma kills not Mental Illness”