Aidan-Break from Blogging..

Hey guys,

I am taking a break from blogging about me . I am obviously in hospital and fighting a good fight. I’ll focus on that.

I have phenomenal numbers viewing the site, phenomenal goodwill messages coming through on twitter, hundreds daily and I’m so grateful ,

I am going to return in a short time with video blogging, through Periscope and that syncs to my Twitter, through You Tube channel and through “Media” here on my website. I also am experimenting with Podcasting and that too will come.

I have ideas re changes in site content:Mental Health in the news. Mental Health in Social Media, Mental Health Surveys. Mental Health learning points.

I am endthestigma_ie on Twitter. I’m looking to hit 11,500 Followers!!. On Instagram,  I’m endthestigmaofficial Give me a follow!!

The biggest favour lies on the homepage here, would you subscribe to my blog for video blogs and blogs. I would sincerely appreciate it.

Very small break and I’m back with Great content coming

love and peace