A few years ago Liv Raimonde with diagnosed with major depression, having struggled with acute and mild forms throughout her whole life. For years, Liv kept it secret, ashamed like so many of us. What Liv feared was that the truth would hinder her but instead speaking out has made me her stronger and who she is today, which is a mental health advocate.

She has an excellent website above that I recommend you bookmark, you can follow her blog by email (add your address and you will not miss future updates!).

Liv has faced dark places but has also seen the light. Liv has been fascinated by death in the past, the concept of death and the questions surrounding it. Liv, never wanting to die, has seen the light of positivity and her site, her motivation, story and inspiration will encourage you greatly.

An outstanding writer. She contributes to The Mighty, The Huffington post, Stigma Fighters and many other sites. Liv is a fighter for openness, honesty and transparency in mental health and a healthy living advocate too.

On Twitter @livraiwrites