4.7 Day 3 #AidaninRehab Disagreements+++

Hi Guys,

Thanks for following my journey in rehab/hospital guys.

Day 3: Tue

This is going to be a somewhat annoyed entry . It’s not annoyance against the MDT(Multi-Disciplinary team) -Psych and Addiction staff and all the miscellaneous staff (Occupational Therapists/PhysioTherapists)

It’s annoyance against the nursing team,

This is my place to vent!

1-A medication was given at double dosage to me, by mistake, for a few days.

Ive a very high constitution/Metabolism, but this medication has been knocking me out.  I didn’t know  initially which Med had been knocking me out (ThinkConor Mc Gregor to  me) but I made a guess, (the size and colour helped me guess!). The med was being given at 50MG, not 25MG.

In addition, every time I go the meds area, they are  1 or 2 meds out or off. That’s bad. It’s the 50MG-25MG.. Double a fricking med is plain wrong. I was legitimately pissed off. I was being sedated!

2-My memory isn’t the best. It wasn’t well, it has got worse as expected with withdrawal from a Benzodiazepine. There are 3 meal times. 8:30 to9AM, 1-1:30PM  and 5-5:30. I slept through meal times because of above… I also mixed some up with my memory and  I didn’t know 8, 1:30 and 5 were start times (I was arrived 8 45AM, 1 15PM) The nurses weren’t telling me this, rather the Chef would say no food left. The most annoying thing was after lunch Tue, I finished up, I moved then to sit opposite a girl I was friendly , she was having a tough day, I said I’d give her a boost. The nurse was immediately over, words very strongly to the effect “This is not a talking shop, ugh.

3. Fight with Vending Mahine

This might sound farcical, but I was involved in a dispute with a Vending Machine.  I put my money in, made the selection and the item was hanging on the edge of where it dropped out. I decided to pull the machine, by the top of its corners to tip the product  to me and then I climbed it a little.

Of course, a nurse came along and asked “what was I doing climbing the vending machine ” I will never get that Snickers bar now!!

4 My Trip outside grounds!

I erred. I knew what I was doing leaving the grounds. There’s level 3 access- room, level 2-your floor/ward, level 1-hospital (anywhere) I was on level 1 access. I left the hospital and walked for 10mins to a newsagents for diet Red Bull. I (being honest) acknowledged my trip to a nurse, it was noted, to be reported up the line (!) – great!

I wont  be doing that again

5 – Chat

A chat can get you in trouble. I was waiting for the clinical room to open for meds and I had a girl waiting with me. She (not I) mentioned Lithium Carbonate and her chronic nausea (I said this should subside  as she was new on the med or talk to her Specialist) We had a quick chat. I was the one pulled in.”Dont talk to people about meds, esp that patient, as she is a pharmacist”

6-Overheard chat/Final Straw

I couldn’t sleep Tue night into Wed AM, so I went for a walk. I heard 2 nurses talking as I walked towards them, 430AM Tue NIght, into Wed AM. I heard them talk about a patient, something derogatory about a patient. Dreadful. Inappropriate comment about her weight

I asked to be moved Wednesday. I am furious about no 6 above.I was. Read about Day 4 Wednesday tomorrow right here,

Stand up for your rights always in rehab /hospital guys!