Eating Disorders -Here’s what sufferers say



Eating Disorders are very serious and frequently stigmatised in my opinion

I spoke to ten folk, the majority in recovery.We hear their words on their “Current Status” (!), thank god. It’s complex. Eating Disorders are- Multi faceted Illness we will briefly examine though the eyes of fighters.

Here’s their words and opinions.

“Eating is very stressful for me.Just the idea of particular foods is stressful. I like control.feel I am not in control of meals and meal times are stressful. Underlying all his, life is stressful, to the point where it feels like someone set an Anxiety ticking bomb inside me. That’s why giving up eating disorders are hard — because it’s hard to find another way to numb this intensity.”

I have to say to my friends:
“Please don’t take it personally if I choose not to eat what you make for me or when I say no to starters /desserts.
Nor am I not being antisocial when I don’t go out to eat with you and my other friends.”

“I’m now in recovery from eating disorders. I have done so much work to get where I am. I had both Anorexia and Bulimia, I still struggle with restaurants that list calories and it takes a lot of effort every day not to purge

“It has taken many years to get comfortable with my weight not equating it to my value as a human being. I don’t want to hear any talk about diets  in magazines”

“My body and mind haven’t recovered at the same pace.”

“Just because I have a day where I am having a hard time staying recovery focused, doesn’t mean I have relapsed. Recovery is not a straight line.”

“Eating disorders are not limited to body size. Bigger people (me!) can suffer as much as thin people. Eating disorders can affect anyone of any size, of any age, gender and sexuality”

“Recovery is a very very lengthy process. There is no magic wand to make it disappear overnight. Recovery takes endless Mentsl strength and determination in time”

“Assigning moral value to food is harmful, especially in average conversation. Telling someone who is in eating disorder recovery they are being ‘so good’ by eating a salad isn’t appropriate.”


“Just because I’m in recovery, it doesn’t mean I’m now absolutely fine and cured! I will still struggle and slip up, but I will also gain strength and learn more about myself as I go along. Recovery for me is a lifelong journey, and it will not always be easy, but it will always be”

I am going to return this theme, as I am studying it, I’ll return with an opinion piece.