State Of Your Mental Health Part 1


State Of Your Mental Health Part1

On Sunday, Sept 3 I sent out the following

“I’m writing a blog on attitudes to meds for Depression, Anxiety etc(given the big anti med movement)Can you give your opinion in a tweet ”

I got inundated with replies. I mean hundreds of replies and despite “unpinnng the question from top tweet on my Twitter,  replies are still coming into me.By the way, there was minimal arguing and that was on whether anti depressants are addictive (NO) The Pharmacist on Mental Health has confirmed that on an excellent blog just below this.

Right, let’s have 25 people describe Mental Health. For info, the outcome was approx 90% positive on anti depressants (I keep getting asked that) In terms of how your health was, I’ll comment at the end of these anonymous

“State of your Mental Health” by Aidan O’C




I was anti meds for a long time, I’m not now. They have improved my’life 100 fold.

I am anti meds but understand that they are necessary and required as emergency first line treatment. Wouldn’t force my views on others tho!

Haven’t personally gone down the meds route. I get anxious at the thought of battling side effects and trial and error with doses/meds

Psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists have rigorous training programs. Their expertise combined with research saves lives

Psychiatric meds are a complicated issue and the decision and the need for them depends on the person. Very necessary for some.

Everyone seems to have a (usually negative) opinion on the fact I take meds for depression. Esp people who don’t suffer with it

I had warnings I would turn in to a ‘vegetable.’ Needless to say, that didn’t happen

My meds are imperative to my quality of life. Otherwise every moment of every day is a fight to survive. It was exhausting.

I take 100mg of Zoloft (Lustral in Ireland) daily and I’m a 24yr law enforcement officer. No shame in taking the meds you need!
(I asked this gentleman a little more and he told me
“Yes. Absolutely. Started on 50mg and now on 100 as I have anxiety and panic disorder on top of MDD. Helps tremendously)

I think refusing meds actually prevented me from understanding the extent of my depression-how much it was controlling my life

Starting medication helped me to realise how much I was struggling to function

As bipolar, I know meds for depression help. Last time it took 2 meds together.

I need meds but respect people who don’t want or need to take them. I expect the same in return.

Medication is a double edged sword for me. Sertraline & diazepam have been helping me for my severe anxiety and panic attacks.
But at the +same time, I’ve often overdosed on them to feel numb & attempt suicide. So it’s both helpful & harmful. I think being supervised & finding the right dosage crucial.
(I checked in with this lady and she later told me (I haven’t overdosed for three weeks. Longest I’ve gone so far. And I’ve been using diazepam less & currently doing DBT Group and 1on1.)

I took Zoloft for around 4 years. It helped a lot but it gave me night sweats. I took Effexor for 2 years until it gave me nightmares

I believe the right medication helps with Depression and/or anxiety. I had Depression for 17+ years. Lexapro helped a lot. I have PTSD.

Medications saved my life…I simply wouldn’t be here and wouldn’t be functioning without medications…I’m thankful they exist

I think they’re extremely helpful I would probably struggle without them. but taking meds for MH has such a negative stigma

With sincere loving respect, I have been nothing but harmed by meds. And no joke, I literally needed just vitamins and talk therapy (lots of talk therapy)

They are necessary for me and definitely help. But I have had better results with my anxiety through exercise, CBT @ mindfulness

I am not anti meds. Tried them and it made my MH worse. The withdrawal was hell. Meds are for some; alternatives for others.

I think meds seem to be the first “option” when in reality they need to be prescribed with therapy, not instead of.

It’s like prescribing pain killers for a broken leg. Stops the pain but doesn’t fix the break. Sadly mental health support in the UK is ridiculously overstretched so psychotherapy/CBT/ etc. are not easily available.

Antidepressants have helped my pain conditions but haven’t helped my depression *yet* anxiety meds have saved my life in many ways! I asked this lady a little more and she told me she noticed herself telling  “people she was prescribed antidepressants “for my fibro” instead of just saying shes on them. This lady is of the opinion “Sadly people don’t understand

I wouldn’t be here today without my medication. I can’t sleep, get up in the morning, eat, function without them. I’m grateful for them.



Thanks for reading the first 25 entries!