Desperate Teen asks Aidan Q

I am a 13 year old boy. I think I might have Depression and I have thought of suicide occasionally. I have depressing thoughts and I often miss school because I can’t event make my self get out of my bed.
I want help. My mam is worried and doesn’t like keeping me at home. I don’t want my life to go on like this but my mom doesn’t believe in psychiatry/ psychology. She says they don’t work and are for profit for the pharmaceutical giants.The rest of my family agrees.

I asked a teacher, but after a promising initial word , he wanted to call my mom. I am afraid if I tell anyone my mom will find out but I still want help for my pain.

Do you have any suggestions on how I get out of this nightmare?


I’m very sorry you are distressed. I’m also sorry that your family has a mistaken view of Mental Health. I do understand their concern. There are a large amount of kids and teens on medication, too many, but this is mainly for ADD/ADHD/Aspergers. I agree that there are kids who are prescribed medication instead of learning coping skills.

A lot of teens with depression are helped with talk therapy alone. Your mom will be involved and certainly, if meds are suggested,

You can certainly refuse medication even if it is offered. Perhaps if you told your mom that you aren’t interested in medication, that you just want to talk to someone, she will be more willing to help you find a talk therapist. Do look at sleep too, you’ll want 8-9 hours and ask yourself is there anything stressful really irking you.